Citations : Madagascar

Rabemananjara Jacques : Oeuvres complètes
page 109
Île !
Île aux syllabes de flamme !
Jamais ton nom
ne fut plus cher à mon âme !
ne fut plus doux à mon coeur !
Île aux syllabes de flamme,
Madagascar !
page 128
Ton culte nous a saisis avec la puissance de sept mythes, Île fabuleuse, Madagascar !

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
page 31: 213-248
MADAGASCAR: Heads It's a Continent, Tails It's an Island:

Neither geologists nor biologists have a definition that is capable of classifying Madagascar unambiguously as an island or a continent; nor can they incorporate Malagasy natural history into a single model rooted in Africa or Asia. Madagascar is a microcosm of the larger continents, with a rock record that spans more than 3000 million years (Ma), during which it has been united episodically with, and divorced from, Asian and African connections. This is reflected in its Precambrian history of deep crustal tectonics and a Phanerozoic history of biodiversity that fluctuated between cosmopolitanism and parochialism. Both vicariance and dispersal events over the past 90 Ma have blended a unique endemism on Madagascar, now in decline following rapid extinctions that started about 2000 years ago [Marteen J. de Wit]